Small Blue Outline Pointer

* (by *megu*)


How it should’ve been done
whispers it’s transparent
匿名: is it hard to color blog nana?

i actually dont color blog

i just queue the pretty posts i see on my dash LOL i do often see my friends complaining about how they can’t find certain colors when they need them though

mizukas: MIZUKAS


well!!!! i think youre a really sweet person nana and i love talking to you cause we can relate on the most random stuff! i now want to make a colour coded blog kind of thing CAUSE ITS SO COOLAND PRETTY and i am a big fan of all your themes even though you just tweak them ?! i care about you and i hope we both will survive school and do well and be able to do the things we want in the future (basically i want the best for you) YEAH i just think youre mega cool B)

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