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 I promised a follow forever to someone a while ago, and here I am almost two months later. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

So yeah, I’m really grateful for all my followers that deal with my annoying text posts and random posts. You’re all gr9.

I’m also really thankful to my friends who listen to my rants and are there for me when I really need them. ;__; It’s also really nice to just talk to them about random things. So many of you have made me smile/laugh/cheered me up and I just jlfsadjfldaksj THANK YOU. I may not show it, but I really do love you guys. (つд`)

If you’re not on here, nbd. I came up with these url’s off the top of my head and it’s most likely because I speak to them or something. I appreciate everyone on my dash just as much!!

Here goes: (In no order minus the first one)

hyukstan senj0ugahara mitsuzakis eikyouu notsuki mamarumochi moriemi nanaith pantyyy maelune temarii furenai shoujo-world ayuna kuramii teishoku loliprince maruuji nanazumi starukos sharrhar hitsuyo nami-mori tsustar toracchus huke nakajou ocarine hajimeii nemuipanda erioha mejima yuien teriyakihichew cakedesu sh-izukani driei himewari tsutchiee kuroisama naotarou ialicebunny prince-alibaba hakuryus pampukin shidanohana kimoray altairis korumi kiyouiku riseken kandayus 


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    they are not da bomb k and thank you nana omg ;u;
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    ah thanks sweetie~ your so kind ;-; Thanks for this!!
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    ae;foijadkfj thanks nanaaaaa ;u;
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    thank u so much omg
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    D’AWHH THANKS NANA!!!! but no tina is mine I will fight you til the end for her love
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    omg this beautiful! thank you nana, ily
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    thank you nana-chan i still hate u ok jk
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